Cyber security

Keeping your data secure

AutumnCare utilises active monitoring software, MFA and encryption to keep client data safe and secure.

We’re working to protect your data

As you are no doubt aware, online scams and ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Healthcare providers are being targeted with increasing frequency. 

At AutumnCare, we are always on the lookout for ways we can improve our cyber security, both internally and for our clients. 


How does AutumnCare work to keep you safe?

  • We use active monitoring software to proactively and constantly scan for potential internal and external vulnerabilities
  • AutumnCare software encrypts data stored locally and exchanged between machines using AES 256 encryption
  • Our cyber security panel meet regularly to review emerging industry threats update staff and clients as required
  • We apply multi-factor authentication to our cloud servers to provide you with an additional layer of security 


Further information on keeping you and your business safe online

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Additional resources are also available at the Australian Cyber Security Centre website

Cyber Security Awareness Month

AutumnCare is an aged care software provider based in Western Australia. We specialise in the management of clinical data through industry best practice forms.
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