Cyber Security Awareness Month – Theme 4

“It’s time to take action!”

Cyber security awareness month is coming to a close and we’re asking everyone to do what they can to stay secure and help raise awareness.

Learn more about cyber security and how to take action to protect yourself with the ACSC personal cyber security series.

  1. Personal Cyber Security: First Steps Guide
  2. Personal Cyber Security: Next Steps Guide
  3. Personal Cyber Security: Advanced Steps Guide

Raising Awareness

Help raise cyber security awareness by sharing the following resources.

These are designed to provide advice and actionable steps tailored for groups that can be particularly vulnerable to cyber threats.



Small Businesses 

ACSC Alerts and Partnership 

The ACSC Alerts Service is free for Australian internet users. 

This provides information and guidance on recent threats and vulnerabilities (available for individuals, families and businesses). 

You can view recent alerts on the ACSC website, or register for email alerts here.

Additional services and resources are available for businesses by becoming an ACSC partner

Recommended ACSC Resources

Test your knowledge on these cyber security topics with the following quizzes: