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A clinical management system fully maintained by AutumnCare

AutumnCare Cloud, from our aged care management software, allows Aged Care providers to enjoy the rich functionality of a clinical management system without the hassles of system maintenance and upkeep!

This leaves your staff free to focus on what matters most: the delivery of high quality residential care.

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AutumnCare Cloud

Key Benefits

Safe & Secure

All of your data is stored securely within Australia-based data centres. These centres are surveillance monitored 24/7.

Nightly backups are performed to ensure data can be recovered in the instance of a network outage or failure.


Cost Effective

AutumnCare Cloud provides a cost effective way for providers to gain access to an enterprise grade software solution. 

Drastically reduce your infrastructure and staffing costs without the need for expensive servers and internal IT teams.

Regularly Updated

The latest AutumnCare software upgrades are performed by AutumnCare's Technical Support staff.

The latest Windows, Microsoft and other security updates are also applied as soon as they are made available. 

Key Features

System maintenance

Performed by AutumnCare Technical Support staff

Software upgrades

Performed by AutumnCare Technical Support staff

Comprehensive support

Available to you Monday to Friday from 9 to 5

24/7 surveillance

Providing data centres with additional security

Nightly backups

Ensure we can recover your data in the instance of a failure


Security updates are applied as they become available


Able to scale with your organisation as you grow

Offline mode

Continue to access information during internet outages


Want to know more?

What is AutumnCare Cloud?

AutumnCare Cloud is a way to store your clinical data security off site in Australia-based data centres. All monitoring, maintenance and upgrades are performed by our staff, leaving you free to focus on care.

How do updates work?

AutumnCare Technical Support staff will liaise with you to schedule software and form updates as they become available. 

This is to ensure any system downtime occurs at a time that is most convenient to your organisation, though staff will be able to continue accessing information in offline mode.

Is data stored in Australia?

Yes, all client data is stored in Australia in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. 

We partner with third-party service providers Sitehost and Servers Australia to host client data.


Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, AutumnCare's Privacy Policy can be read in full here.

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