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The clinical management system of choice for aged care providers

AutumnCare Desktop is our flagship aged care software solution, containing everything you need to document clinical care.

As well as reducing the administrative burden placed on providers, AutumnCare helps to strengthen clinical governance and evidence regulatory compliance.


AutumnCare Desktop

Key Benefits

Clinical governance

AutumnCare strengthens clinical governance by assisting Aged Care providers in embedding rigorous organisational processes, reinforcing clinical effectiveness and supporting risk management.

Care outcomes

AutumnCare reinforces clinical best practice through the use of inbuilt prompts and tools. This ensures that staff are delivering care of the highest quality and continually working towards achieving better care outcomes for each resident.

Regulatory compliance

AutumnCare allows users to evidence the delivery of care to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Thorough reports on all activity documented within the system can be created to provide to accreditors in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

Care planning

Develop personalised care plans for each resident

Clinical assessment

Covering Admissions through to Activities of Daily Living

Task management

Create, assign and complete time sensitive tasks


Track customisable clinical indicators in real time

Risk management

Utilise risk registers and Dignity of Risk prompts

Incident management

Complete incident forms and lodge to the SIRS as required

Comprehensive reporting

Select from 70+ prebuilt report templates or design your own

Offline mode

Continue to access information during internet outages


Want to know more?

What is AutumnCare?

AutumnCare is a comprehensive clinical management software solution designed for  Residential Aged Care providers.

AutumnCare helps to improve care delivery, strengthen clinical governance and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

How does AutumnCare keep my data secure?

AutumnCare encrypts all data stored locally and transferred between machines and the server using AES 256 encryption.

We also utilise active monitoring software to scan for vulnerabilities, and multi-factor authentication to provide an additional layer of security.

Does AutumnCare provide NQIP support?

Yes. AutumnCare provides end of month reports to assist users in their quarterly reporting on the quality indicators. 

Work is underway to include the new quality indicators.


Can AutumnCare produce reports for Unannounced Quality Visits?

Yes. AutumnCare contains a suite of premade reports that can be produced in a matter of minutes for Unannounced Quality Visits. 

These reports cover psychotropic medications, active restrictive practices, falls, pressure injuries, medication incidents, hospital transfers and more. 

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