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Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security Awareness Month is October! We will be sharing tools and resources as a reminder to stay secure online.

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. 

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is running an awareness campaign as a reminder for individuals to stay secure online.

The overall theme for 2022 is “Have you been hacked?” with a spotlight on a specific topic each week. 

To help spread awareness we will provide basic information on the topic as well as links to tools and resources.

The weekly themes are as follows:

  • Week one: Have you been hacked?
  • Week two: Is your email secure? 
  • Week three: How do you act now to stay secure?
  • Week four: It’s time to take action! 

Visit the Australian Cyber Security Centre website to find out more about the ACSC campaign. 

Cyber security steps


Cyber Security Awareness Month – week one – “Have you been hacked?” 

Preparation, awareness and good cyber practices are key to reducing your risk of exposure to cyber threats…


But you can’t plan for everything!

Knowing what to do if you’ve been the victim of a cyber-attack and where to find reliable resources can be just as important. 

Fortunately, the ACSC has a simple online “Have you been hacked?” tool.

This can walk you through different scenarios providing warning signs, explanations and advice. 

You can find the tool on the ACSC website

Recommended ACSC Resources:

Cyber security quiz

Data breaches, identity compromise and scams

Given the recent Optus data breach, we’ve also included some resources below relating to identity compromise and scams. 


Additional ACSC Resources: 

Identity Compromise Resources:

Scam Resources:

  • Scamwatch provides information on how to recognise, avoid and report scams 

Cyber security awareness month

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