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Maximise your usage of the AutumnCare clinical system

AutumnCare eLearning, from our leading software for residential and home care, provides ongoing education that equips care staff with the knowledge they need to use AutumnCare effectively.

Tutorials and assessments cover all aspects of AutumnCare Desktop and Medicate.

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AutumnCare eLearning

Key Benefits


AutumnCare eLearning can be accessed online from any web connected device.

We can also provide SCORM files of each training module. These can then be uploaded to your organisation's LMS.  


eLearning allows users to progress through modules at their own pace and retake any assessments as required.

This makes the platform ideal for beginners and experienced users alike.


Supplementing face-to-face training with eLearning is a great way to maximise staff learning whilst remaining cost effective.

This allows staff to refresh their knowledge at any time.



Key Features

Staff accounts

Individual accounts for each registered staff member

My courses

View progress towards completion of each course


View recordings of past AutumnCare webinars

How to's

Quick video snippets providing tips, tricks and reminders

Administrator accounts

Where Managers can track staff progress through courses


To create your own schedules for completing courses

Bulk enrolment

Bulk enrol users by uploading a CSV file


Access eLearning from any web connected device


Want to know more?

What is AutumnCare eLearning?

AutumnCare eLearning is a suite of training modules and assessments covering usage of AutumnCare Desktop and Medicate.

Mimicking the real software, learning is immediately applicable to real world scenarios.

What are the benefits of eLearning?

AutumnCare eLearning is effective for new and advanced users alike. It is ideal for refreshing staff on elements of the system, as well as for teaching the basics from the ground up.

Accessible anywhere at anytime, it is the perfect supplement to more formal training courses.

How frequently is eLearning updated?

AutumnCare eLearning is updated once a year to coincide with each major software and forms update.


How is eLearning accessed?

eLearning can be accessed via any web connected device. Staff can then log in using their unique username and password.

eLearning modules can also be provided as SCORM files for organisation's with their own LMS.

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