Electronic medication management and administration

AutumnCare Medicate is a leading component of our aged care software system, enhancing electronic medication management and administration.

It promotes safe medication management by aligning workflows with the 7 rights of medication administration. 

Guided workflows, prompts and alerts drastically reduce the potential for missed medications or signatures.

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AutumnCare Medicate

Key Benefits

Safe management

AutumnCare Medicate improves resident safety by reinforcing a series of checks that ensure the 7 rights of medication administration are followed. 

Efficient rounds

Medication rounds are completed with greater efficiency using streamlined workflows that guide staff through all medications due within each round.



Reduced risk

Manage risk through a series of Dashboards and reports that provide a holistic overview of medication management organisation-wide.

Key Features

Medication profiles

Containing detailed medical histories for each resident

Medication rounds

For a streamlined approach to administration

Incident management

Log any incidents from directly within a medication round


Track all administered and missed medications

PRN management

Administer and review the effectiveness of PRNs

Patch application

Track patch application and removal with ease


Administer and track psychotropic medication use

Witness signing

Require a witness signature for medications of your choice


Want to know more?

Is Medicate eNRMC compliant?

AutumnCare Medicate is currently working towards achieving eNRMC compliance.

We expect to be listed as an approved provider by June 2023.

Does Medicate provide GP access?

Yes, AutumnCare does allow GP and allied health provider access.

Can I integrate with any pharmacy?

Yes, AutumnCare integrates with a wide range of pharmacy software systems. This allows providers and residents their choice of pharmacy. 



Does Medicate keep data safe?

Yes, AutumnCare ensures that all personal data and medical information is kept safe and secure. AutumnCare encrypts all data stored locally and transferred between machines and the server using AES 256 encryption.

A lock function available during medication rounds also protects privacy in the instance that staff need to step away from the medication trolley. 

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