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Seamless solutions for enhanced living environments

AutumnCare is a highly configurable system that can be adjusted to suit your unique business and care environment, making it particularly useful for those operating in retirement living.

Set up automated workflows and alerts to reinforce your critical business and clinical processes for major efficiency and productivity gains.


How do we help retirement homes?

Eliminate paper

Gain hours back in your day by automating repetitive processes and embedding workflows specific to your needs

Provide transparency

Customisable dashboard indicators provide you with powerful insights into live health and clinical data

Mobile access

Client records can be accessed from mobile or tablet devices, making it possible to work from anywhere, at any time

An integrated system

Integrating with My Health Record, pharmacy and other third party systems to provide a complete picture of care

Organisational transparency

AutumnCare provides complete transparency across your entire retirement or independent living organisation, with organisational dashboards that track critical information in real time.

Gain an at a glance overview of your critical clinical indicators as well as areas where documentation is missing or incomplete.


AC Leisure and lifestyle

Client focused care

Enter detailed information on each client upon admission to the service, ensuring that their clinical and lifestyle needs are are able to be catered to from day one.

Staff can access individualised care plans from their mobile device at anytime to ensure they are delivering care that is aligned with the clients needs, goals and preferences.

Flexible documentation

AutumnCare contains over 100 clinical charts, forms and assessments. This comprehensive document library is regularly updated by our clinical team in accordance with changes to best practice and legislation. 

Pick and choose which documents are applicable to use at your organisation, and add to this selection as and when you like.



AutumnCare can help to strengthen

Incident management

Links to SIRS Decision Support and the Aged Care Provider Portal

AutumnCare's Incident Form allows staff to capture detailed information relating to an incident, alert other staff to its occurrence, and even provides direct links in the instance that the incident is reportable

Remote collaboration

Mobile ready for staff to keep in touch during visits

Secure messaging allows care staff to receive and share updates with head office at the point of care. Any changes made to notes, assessments and care plans will be visible to all staff in real time


A full suite of forms and assessments for ongoing care

AutumnCare assessments allow staff to perform thorough, systematic reviews of all clients. Point of care assessment also allows staff to enter more accurate and comprehensive information

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Frequently asked questions

How does system implementation work?

We make transitioning to a new clinical system as seamless and pain free as possible. Wherever we can, we migrate clinical and demographic data from your old clinical system into AutumnCare, saving you hours of manual data entry.

Our Technical Operations team will meet with your team for a project workshop. Here we identify the clinical and organisational processes you wish to embed in AutumnCare, as well as any system customisations and configurations you require. 

Information that is collected during the project workshop is used to develop an implementation plan and timeline. Final steps include sign off on a test system, staff training and go live.

Read more at our blog on the implementation process.

Will I get training on the system?

Yes, we provide training before your organisation goes live with their AutumnCare system.

Training is delivered by our experienced team of clinicians, who have an in-depth understanding of the system as well as the legislation and regulatory requirements that surround residential aged care.

We have a range of training options for you to select from, including online and face to face options.

How do I access support?

Support queries can be lodged via phone call, email or our Support site. From here your ticket will be assigned to a member of our team, who will work with you to find a solution. 

We pride ourselves on our personalised customer service. All of our phone calls are answered by a real person, not by a machine.

What sets AutumnCare apart from other systems?

AutumnCare's strength lies in its extraordinarily comprehensive clinical content as well as its reporting capabilities. 

Reports are not difficult to extract from the system and can be used to audit and analyse any information that has been entered into the system.

Clinical charts and assessments are built in consultation with Registered Nurses with real life experience in the industry, ensuring they are fit for purpose  and reflective of your needs. 


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