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Access and create records directly from the point of care

AutumnCare, our innovative care home software, allows staff to enter information on the go, encouraging frequent, accurate progress notes.

The app utilises an icon-based interface for an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Being more streamlined than its Desktop counterpart allows users to pick up and go.

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AutumnCare Mobile App

Key Benefits

Easy to use

AutumnCare Mobile uses icons to create a user friendly and intuitive experience.

Simply select the feature and the resident you wish to work with and get started!

Accessible anywhere 

Accessible from any iOS or Android device, staff can complete records on the go. 

Managers can also access information outside of the facility if required.

Safe & secure

Devices must be registered and access can be revoked instantly by administrators.

This keeps the organisation in control of who has access to information at all times.

Key Features

Communication hub

Assign tasks and send messages to staff on the go

Clinical assessment

Complete entire assessments in direct resident consultation


Add new entries to charts for bowel, BGL, weight, fluids +

Capture photos

Capture photos to be added to assessments from your device

Note taking

Take accurate notes as care is delivered to the resident

Care planning

Update care plans on the go via clinical assessments

Resident groups

Group residents to view those you will work with that shift

Offline mode

Continue to access information during internet outages


Want to know more?

What is the AutumnCare Mobile app?

AutumnCare Mobile is a app designed for carers to access and enter data at the point of care.

This encourages more face-to-face time with residents as care can be documented as it occurs. It also facilitates more frequent, comprehensive note taking. 

Can the Mobile app be used on any device?

Yes. The AutumnCare Mobile app can be used on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. 

How is Mobile app kept secure?

Data shared through AutumnCare Mobile is kept secure via encryption, password protection and access permissions.

AutumnCare encrypts all data stored locally and transferred between machines and the server using AES 256 encryption.


Can the Mobile app do everything Desktop does?


The Mobile app has been designed as a streamlined and efficient way to enter notes, complete assessments and take photographs for adding to things like wound assessments. 

To run reports or view Dashboards you will need to return to the main Desktop. 


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