AutumnCare Medicate is moving into the future of medication management and adopting eNRMC conformance.

An initial prototype is now in pilot at a NSW based client site.

This usage and feedback will inform the next phase of our development to ensure our eNRMC meets the needs of the end user.

This best of breed solution will be available to our client base as we approach the beginning of 2023.


The eNRMC will feature:

  • Electronic prescribing  by GPs directly within Medicate 
  • Three-way communication between GP, pharmacy and facility 
  • MIMS integration 
  • Enhanced visibility around the prescription lifecycle 


The release of our eNRMC will allow clients to take advantage of the eNRMC grant opportunities available from now until 2024.

More information on the grant can be accessed here

eNRMC roadmap