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Site audits can be stressful due to their unpredictable timing. The key to minimising stress is to ensure you are audit ready with these tips.

Unannounced site audits (accreditation or re-accreditation) are conducted by assessors from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) to evaluate the quality of care and services being delivered and adherence to the Aged Care Quality Standards. 

Accreditation is further supported by monitoring the quality of care and services delivered by accredited services. This may occur through 'assessment contacts' and 'review audits'. 

Some site audits can be stressful due to their unpredictable timing, however, the key to a less stressful audit is to ensure that your service is 'audit ready' at all times.


Clinical management systems can assist providers to be 'audit ready' in the following ways:

Comprehensive record keeping

A clinical system helps ensure that accurate and detailed records are maintained on each resident and that this information is quickly accessible to assessors. This allows assessors to glean a comprehensive insight to the care and treatment provided to each resident. 

Standardised care planning and documentation 

Care planning and documentation is standardised across the organisation using 'best practice' assessments and screening tools. This allows assessors to determine the quality of the care and services being provided.  

Quality assurance and continuous improvement

Key indicators' relating to the quality of care being provided can be tracked with ease. 

Timely and up to date continuous improvement plans can also be maintained and evidenced via robust electronic reporting. 

Efficient communication 

All relevant members of staff are kept up to date on each resident's care needs and preferences, promoting efficient communication and collaboration.

Any updates to a resident's care needs can instantly be communicated through internal messaging and updates to care and service plans in real time. 

Readily available responses to risk-based questions 

During the entry meeting, the person in charge will be asked a set of standard 'risk-based questions' by the assessors. 

Clinical management systems can instil confidence in staff that reports can quickly be generated to provide timely and accurate responses to these questions, which can be shared with the assessment team without the need to wade through paperwork. 


What does AutumnCare's 'audit readiness tool kit' include?: 

Just four clicks away sits a suite of comprehensive reports ready to run. 

These can be generated for the assessment team at any time to provide evidence of care and services information relevant to each area. 

Our Unannounced Quality Commission Visit reports include:

  • Cognitive Impairment/communication needs 
  • Usage of psychotropic medications 
  • Incidences of active physical and chemical restrictive practices 
  • Hospital presentations/transfers and specialist referrals 
  • Incidence of Falls and pressure injuries
  • Medication incidents 
  • Changed behaviour incidents
  • Representative contact details 


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