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Introducing AutumnCare 2023!

AutumnCare 2023 is now available! A new version of AutumnCare software is here, schedule your upgrade to access new functionality and improvements.

We are pleased to announce that the latest AutumnCare software version, AutumnCare 2023, is available now!

In this release we have focused on delivering a more streamlined experience for every AutumnCare user.

This is achieved through performance enhancements and more intuitive workflows that will deliver greater efficiency and real time savings, as well as brand new features that have been highly requested by our client base.


What's new in Desktop?

  • Single sign-on capability for quicker access to your account 
  • A new and improved messaging interface
  • More streamlined clinical workflows utilising Automated Intelligence rules 


  • Significant memory footprint increases for larger clients
  • Download on demand to deliver load time improvements
  • Printing of Interactive Handover 
  • High resolution image support for wound and infection management
  • More granular dashboard configuration controls
  • and much more!


What's new in Medicate?

A number of new functions have been included to introduce more rigor around medication safety and transparency, and to pave the way for the eNRMC release coming in 2024. 

  • Maximum dosage alerts provide an additional check at the point of administration 
  • Nurse Initiated medications can be set on a per-person basis 
  • Phone Order reviews can be performed by Prescribers 


  • Enrolment of Prescribers and Pharmacists
  • Hovering over drug image thumbnails will reveal high resolution images and descriptions of drugs at the point of administration
  • Alignment to the National Guidelines for On-Screen Display of Medicines Information, meaning generic medication names will now display first and be followed by the brand name 


Upgrade your system now

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