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5 things you might not know about Mobile

5 things you might not know about the AutumnCare Mobile point of care app.

Did you know?

AutumnCare Mobile is so much more than just a communication app!


Having grown and evolved significantly over the past couple of years, AutumnCare Mobile delivers more of the tools you need at the point of care.

Here are just some of the new additions that you might have missed.


1. Handover

Mobile Handover provides a quick overview of important changes that have occurred since your last shift. 

Run Handover at any time to review any changes to the clinical status of your residents. 

DYK Mobile Notif


2. Wound Care

Perform the entire wound management process from start to finish using a mobile or tablet device.

Capture photos of wound healing progress, update entries in the wound assessment, and schedule wound reviews all directly from the point of care.

DYK Mobile Photo


3. Admission Assessments

Collect Admission Details and perform an Initial Clinical Assessment in direct consultation with the new resident using a tablet device.

This provides the flexibility to begin collecting details on the resident in their home, or prior to admission to the facility, wherever this may be.

DYK Assessmentadmiss


4. All Other Assessments

Access any assessments from the comprehensive AutumnCare form suite, including Incident Forms. 

Update clinical assessments and their associated care plans on the go to reflect changes in clinical needs with ease and immediacy. 

DYK Assessment library


5. Charting 

Add entries to BGL, blood pressure, bowel, weight, and neurological observation charts on the go.

Without the need to return to a Nurses Station, staff are empowered to record regular entries throughout the day from their device. 

DYK Charts


Get in touch today if you'd like to know more about AutumnCare Mobile, or contact to set this up at your organisation. 

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