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Handover goes Mobile!

Handover is available now with the latest update to our mobile app, AutumnCare Mobile 2023.

Handover is available now in our latest release, AutumnCare Mobile 2023.

Staff can now commence their shift with an instant update from their mobile device.

Run handover 'on the go' to gain the most up to date insight resident care needs, personal preferences, and any changes to their health and wellbeing status.

Care staff are no longer receiving handover in a group situation. 

AutumnCare Mobile facilitates staggered start and finish times with the ability to run handover and receive accurate information at any time.

Staff can be confident they have access to appropriate information concerning their residents when they are working at the point of care.

This update promotes: 

  • Continuity of clinical care
  • A better user experience for care staff
  • Multiple staff viewing handover simultaneously and independently 

Handover - better experience

What else is new in Mobile 2023?

Other highlights include: 

  • Care plan grouping
  • Care plan formatting 
  • Better address control in assessments 
  • General performance improvements and enhancements 


Contact us at to start using this now!

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