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Aged care software implementation

AutumnCare has a tried and tested implementation process. Here are our six steps to a successful aged care software implementation!

Implementation, training and support services are critical to a successful software system.

Adopting a new software system is a significant change management piece.

When managed effectively, the implementation process encourages adoption of the new software, and ensures that it becomes embedded at your organisation. 

Though methodology varies based on individual needs, in this blog we explore the typical process that is followed during an AutumnCare implementation.

This process has been refined and fine tuned over 22 years and hundreds of implementation projects with aged care providers across Australia. 


Step One (1)

Step One - Confirm products and services. 

Before implementation begins, our Technical Operations team will consult with you to confirm which products and services you expect to receive.

Your total project timeframe will differ depending on whether you are implementing our entire product suite, or just one or two modules. 

If the entire product suite is being implemented, it is typical for this to occur in a staggered fashion e.g.

  • The care module is implemented first
  • The medication module is implemented in another six months.
This allows time for staff to receive sufficient training on the first module, and for them to become confident in their use, before moving onto the next module. This helps to avoid information overload and the burnout associated with too much change occurring at once.


Step Two

Step Two - Project and process mapping. 

Your key personnel will attend a project workshop.

The project workshop is where much of the planning for your specific implementation will take place. 

Workshop discussions will be used to identify:

  • Who your project team will be
  • Dates for regular project meetings to occur throughout the project 
  • Any possible risks that could interrupt the project 
  • Any hard deadlines your business has
  • Your existing clinical and business processes 
    • These will be mapped to AutumnCare processes and workflows, and used to identify the unique configuration and set up requirements your system will need


Step Three

Step Three - Approval of an implementation plan. 

Our Technical Operations team will utilise all of the information collected during the project workshop to produce an Implementation Plan encompassing the entire project scope. 

Once this document has been approved by your project team, the set up of your AutumnCare system can begin!


Step Four

Step Four - Design and build. 

A test system will now be built based on your configuration requirements.

At this point, our team will set up:

  • Clinical and business workflows and processes
  • System configurations and customisations
  • Staff user accounts
  • Staff and resident groups [these will form the structure of your system, so that staff are broken up into roles e.g. RNs, carers, Management etc., and residents are broken up into wings, floors, facilities etc.] 
  • Permissions [these control what staff have access to read and edit] 

Your project team will now be responsible for user testing the system. This is performed to ensure that everything has been configured correctly, in accordance with your requirements.

AutumnCare is able to provide a User Acceptance Testing Spreadsheet to outline what needs to be covered in your testing process. 

Once this system has been reviewed and signed off, staff training is scheduled. 


Step Five

Step Five - Staff training. 

Training will be conducted using your test system. This will ensure that staff familiarise themselves with a system that will look identical to the live system they will use day to day.

Training can be provided in a range of formats including:

  • Online
  • Onsite
  • In small groups
  • Train the trainer 

When making your selection, organisation size and the number of staff to be trained are important factors to consider.

AutumnCare can provide recommendations based on the experience of clients that have already gone through the process of implementing a system and training their workforce. 


Step Six

Step Six - Go live!

A production version of your system will now be installed onto your workstations. 

Your go live date will be the day that staff begin using AutumnCare at your organisation.

This will be a live database, not a test system, and real resident data can begin to be captured. 

Once go live has successfully occurred, our Technical Operations team will pass you over to Technical Support for your ongoing needs. Ongoing support ensures that you are able to maximise your use of AutumnCare.

Ongoing training is also available to account for staff turnover and to provide refresher training and upskilling to key staff. 

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