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Delivering holistic, person-centred care

AutumnCare promotes the delivery of holistic, person-centered care through comprehensive assessments and care plans.

AutumnCare treats the delivery of person-centered care with the utmost of importance.


This can be seen throughout our software, particularly within the clinical components, such as:

Person-centred assessments

AutumnCare's clinical assessments are extraordinarily comprehensive, capturing an enormous level of detail on each resident's clinical history and status. 

Free text fields within assessments allow care staff to capture additional supporting details where necessary.


Person-centred care plans

Care plans are generated within AutumnCare based on the details provided within their corresponding assessment. 

These care plans can then be customised to provide additional context at the care need, goal and preference levels. 


The importance placed on privacy preferences

A Personal Privacy Preferences assessment can be completed and stored within each resident's file, to provide care staff with detailed information on the individual's privacy preferences in different care settings, locations and situations.


The importance placed on risk

A Dignity of Risk section is included on each AutumnCare assessment. 

This promotes resident choice at every opportunity and allows care staff to record in detail any potential outcomes of the risk the resident has decided to take.

Person centred care


Leisure and lifestyle documents

AutumnCare also boasts an extensive leisure and lifestyle document set. 

This promotes a holistic understanding by staff of the persons' psychosocial needs and preferences, not only their clinical care needs. 

A small sample of things captured within the document set are:

  • How the person likes to spend their day
  • Subjects of interest
  • Abilities
  • Diversity
  • Life history
  • Social, cultural and spiritual connections and preferences 
  • Maintaining and expanding leisure and recreational experiences
  • What brings their life meaning and purpose
  • Triggers for feeling anxious or distressed
  • Things that make them feel happy

These documents are designed to be dynamic, evolving over time as the person reaches their goals and explores new opportunities to expand their lived experience.

Bringing meaning residents


Using this information, care staff are better equipped to:

  • Deliver person-centred care in accordance with everyone's unique care needs and preferences.
  • Enable the person to live their best life.
  • Assist in the building and maintenance of social connections within and outside the aged care home.
  • Provide the leisure and recreational activities of interest to suit each individual.
  • Monitor attendance and level of participation to ensure personal goals are achieved and to highlight any changes to care needs and preferences.

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Want to know more about AutumnCare's clinical management software? Would you like a walkthrough of our leisure and lifestyle document set?

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