AutumnCare provides clinical management systems to the aged care sector.

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Our products

AutumnCare Desktop

AutumnCare Desktop is a clinical management system that drives strong clinical governance and effectiveness.

This comprehensive system contains all of the tools needed to achieve better oversight and care outcomes. 

AutumnCare Medicate

AutumnCare Medicate is our comprehensive electronic medication management system.

Manage, administer and reorder your medications from a single system that is fully integrated with your clinical management system.

AutumnCare Mobile

AutumnCare Mobile is designed for care staff to access and enter records at the point of care.

AutumnCare Family

Our family communication app allows care staff to send updates to the family members of residents at any time. Family members can view updates at their own convenience. 

This helps to keep family involved and engaged in the delivery of care.

AutumnCare eLearning

Equip care staff with the skills they need to operate AutumnCare effectively and with confidence. 

Access eLearning training modules and assessments.


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