Strengthening your clinical compliance

AutumnCare equips Residential Aged Care organisations with the tools they need to evidence and strengthen compliance.

Our comprehensive compliance toolset helps to alleviate the stress of mounting reporting requirements in an increasingly regulated environment.

Compliance readiness

Still stuck designing your own forms?

AutumnCare is the only clinical management system on the market that caters to all of the new legislative requirements.

We provide ready-made, comprehensive clinical content which is updated each time new legislation is mandated.

We keep our document set up to date, so you can focus on the delivery of care!


 AutumnCare sends clients an automated report at the end of each month containing the data required to report on each of the quality indicators

Behaviour Support

AutumnCare’s document set contains all of the relevant Behaviour Support Planning tools that meet Behaviour Support legislative requirements


AutumnCare’s daily living forms, including Personal Hygiene and Mobility are being updated to adhere to the new AN-ACC funding model.

Clients will also have access to AN-ACC reference tools and a calculator


AutumnCare’s Incident Form provides a link to report all Priority 1 and 2 incidents to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

Restrictive Practice

AutumnCare clients can generate forms, charts and Behaviour Support Planning tools that adhere to Restrictive Practice legislative  requirements 

Unannounced Visits

AutumnCare provides a selection of reports to provide during assessment.  

This includes reports for Cognitive Impairment, Disability, Psychotropic Medication, Restrictive Practices, Hospital Transfers and Specialist Referrals 

Timely updates

Our Clinical Operations team monitors Aged Care news and emerging changes to clinical best practice to ensure clients are up to date

Client centric

We work with our clients where possible to ensure that our updates are fit for purpose and always meet the specific needs of the end user.

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Frequently asked questions regarding AutumnCare’s clinical document set and compliance updates


How often is content updated?

AutumnCare releases a major document set update annually. 

Ad hoc updates are also released regularly as often as is required in response to new legislation and mandated requirements.

Can I provide feedback on forms?

Yes, we encourage clients to provide suggestions for future iterations of our forms and assessments.

We regularly invite clients to provide their feedback during the workshopping stage of new forms, including the content and workflow.

Will AutumnCare be ready for the AN-ACC changes?

 Yes, AutumnCare is already working on changes to our document set in order to comply with the transition to the new AN-ACC funding model as of the 1st of October 2022.

Contact us to find out more about what these changes entail.

Can I have custom forms made?

AutumnCare does provide a custom form building service, which does come at an additional fee.

However, customisations deemed to be beneficial to the wider client group will be performed free of charge.