Wound Management: what’s changed? 

The release of AutumnCare 2019 includes enhanced wound management capabilities.

Wounds can now be documented in greater detail and are easier to monitor over time. 

We have also changed the way our wound photographs display in order to make wound reviews more efficient. 


New Features 

Grid for easy data entry

When completing a wound care plan, details are now entered on a grid rather than in text boxes.

This allows staff to track changes at a glance, and in real time without running a report.

This saves time on reviewing the status of current wounds. 


Don’t miss a review date

Entering a next review date automatically creates an appointment within AutumnCare.

All upcoming dressing changes and wound reviews can be seen from the Appointments screen or by running a report.

wound management and appointments


The most recent photo taken of a wound will now appear at the top of your photos.

Seeing the newest photo first makes it easier for staff to check on the status of a wound and determine whether healing is progressing.


Tip: Renaming Assessments

Did you know you can rename assessments?

We recommend getting into the practice of renaming an assessment as soon as it is created. 

Renaming assessments to include the wounds location allows staff to recognise and retrieve the relevant assessment quickly.

This is bound to save you time once you have created multiple assessments for each consumer over time. 

wound management


Contact AutumnCare

Contact our Technical Support team to schedule your upgrade to AutumnCare 2019.

Alternatively you can phone 1800 987 870 to speak directly to a member of our team.

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