AutumnCare adopted an agile approach to development in order to release COVID-19 tools to our customer base in a timely manner.

These tools include forms and charts that assist customers in monitoring their organisation as well as communicating with families and external health providers.


Free app access 

As part of our COVID response we provided free access to AutumnCare Family, our family communication portal. 

This allowed care staff to send care and leisure updates to families, keeping them involved during a time when face-to-face visits had to be postponed.



Two global charts were created; one chart to monitor residents and another to monitor staff.

These charts can be completed for each resident daily and for staff members prior to commencing a shift.

With these charts, common symptoms can be recorded.

This makes it easy to identify variations in normal clinical status, this information can then be analysed and acted upon accordingly. 


Hospital transfer forms 

A hospital transfer form allows care staff to provide information to hospital staff during a resident transfer to hospital.

This form can be used to advise the hospital of the COVID status of the Aged Care organisation, as well as the status of the resident e.g. suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive.  


Infection form additions

COVID-19 was added to our existing Infection Notification Form for documenting of outbreaks. 

Recording this in a resident’s Infection Notification Form will cause a prompt to notify staff to implement the appropriate transmission based precautions. 


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