ITAC 2017 is nearly here. At AutumnCare, we are looking forward to several of the interesting and diverse topics presented at the conference.

Of particular interest is, Technology Change Adoption across an Organisation by Russell Mason, Chief Executive, Suncare Community Services Ltd.

In an age consumed and controlled by information technology, it is no surprise that industries such as Aged Care have adopted new forms of data and clinical management systems. These aid and improve the day-to-day care of residents.

Clinical management systems in particular improve the quality of documentation, the scope of care, and the amount of face-to-face time that caregivers can spend with residents. This is a result of paperwork requirements being reduced and streamlined.

However, the change can be daunting to caregivers and nurses who have worked in the industry for some time and honed their skills using a paper based system.

AutumnCare has over 17 years’ experience in navigating the change management process in Aged Care when it comes to Technology Transformation. Several key success criteria and impediments have become apparent as markers of success.


Impediments to Successful Change Management

The main impediments to change in health care generally are:

  1. Lack of Management oversight and stakeholder support 
  2. Cultural resistance towards IT adoption
  3. Cost considerations 
  4. Staffing issues in addition to high turnover
  5. Work practices 
  6. The capacity to manage change 

We have worked with partners over many years to codify requirements. We document lessons learned so that the change management process is optimal.

Buy-in from all key stakeholders is fundamental, as is continued learning and re-training.


Change Management in Switching Providers

Interestingly, it seems that the same challenges exist when changing from paper as well as in switching to another electronic system.

This discussion from Mr Mason is of vital importance today as more and more companies make the switch in clinical management systems and change other aspects of their business outside of Clinical Care Management.


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