Are you happy with the support you receive for your clinical management system?

If your calls are always going to answering machines, if you feel like you’re always waiting on a response, it may be time to consider a switch.

Prompt Technical Support is critical to organisational efficiency and to staff being able to focus on providing care.

At AutumnCare we pride ourselves on delivering brilliant customer service.

Every Technical Support call we receive is answered by a real person and never by a machine. 

Our team handle each query in a friendly and professional manner to reach a resolution. 

AutumnCare clients receive Technical Support during implementation when they are getting up and running – but it doesn’t end there.

Our Technical Support staff are available during extended hours to provide help when you need it.

Switch to a system that provides Superior Technical Support

Want to know more about switching to a provider that offers superior customer service?

Contact AutumnCare to find out more. 

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