Standard Two – Ongoing Assessment and Planning with Consumers

Aged Care Quality Standards

Ongoing Assessment and Planning with Consumers


Standard 2.1.

Consumer outcome – I am a partner in ongoing assessment and planning that helps me get the care and services I need for my health and well-being.


Standard 2.2.

The organisation undertakes initial ongoing assessment and planning for care and services in partnership with the consumer.

Assessment and planning has a focus on optimising health and well-being in accordance with the consumers needs, goals, and preferences.


Standard 2.3.

a) Assessment and Planning, including consideration of risks to the consumer’s health and well being, informs the delivery of safe and effective care.

b) Assessment and planning identified and address the consumers current needs goals and preferences including advance care planning and end of life planning if consumer wishes.

c) Assessment and Planning based ongoing partnership with the consumer and others that the consumer wishes to involve in assessment, planning, and review of the consumer’s care and services as well as includes other organisation and individuals and providers of other care and services that are involved in the care of the consumer.

d) The outcomes of Assessment and planning are effectively communicated to the consumer and documented in a care and services plan that is readily available to the consumer and where care and services are provided.

e) Care and services are reviewed regularly for effectiveness and when circumstances change or when incidents impact on the needs, goals of preferences of the consumer.


The above is a copy of the Aged Care Quality Standards as found on the Australian Government website, last updated on 12 March 2019. 

Please visit the Australian Government website for further information.