Standard Eight – Organisational Governance

Aged Care Quality Standards

Organisational Governance


Standard 8.1.

Consumer Outcome- I am confident the organisation is well run. I can partner in improving the delivery of care and services.


Standard 8.2.

The organisations’ governing body is accountable for the delivery of safe and quality care and services.


Standard 8.3.

a) Consumers are engaged in the development, delivery, and evaluation of care and services and are supported in that engagement.

b) The organisation’s governing body promotes a culture of safe, inclusive and quality care and services and is accountable for their delivery.

c) Effective organisation wide governance systems relating to the following: information management; continuous improvement; financial governance; workforce governance, including the assignment of clear responsibilities and accountabilities; regulatory compliance and feedback and complaints.

d) Effective risk management systems and practices, including but not limited to the following: managing high-impact or high-prevalence risks associated with the care of consumers; identifying and responding to abuse and neglect of consumers and supporting consumers to live the best life they can.

e) Where clinical care is provided – a clinical governance framework, including but not limited to the following: antimicrobial stewardship, minimising the use of restraint and open disclosure.


The above is a copy of the Aged Care Quality Standards as found on the Australian Government website, last updated on 12 March 2019. 

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