Case Note Archiving is Now Available

The much anticipated case note archiving feature has arrived!

The ability to archive case notes was the most popular request to come from our Client User Group in May.

We are pleased to announce this will be available within the newly released AutumnCare Version 4.6!


Declutter Your Work Space

Archiving declutters resident profile pages and case note files. It also provides a way to store notes in a place where they are immediately retrievable.

This will be of particular benefit to long term clients – some of whom have over 500 notes per resident in their system!

Storing notes no longer required on a regular basis clears your work space, providing:

  • Easier navigation
  • Quicker access and visibility of the information you do need
  • A simple, tidy and more user friendly view


Access Your Archive In An Instant

Archived case notes can still be accessed quickly and easily in the event that they need to be reviewed or referred to for:

  • Auditing
  • Reporting
  • Care plan reviews
  • Demonstrating evidence in an inspection

Experience the difference with AutumnCare 4.6

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Read our New Features article for more information on this release.