Medicate Two will revolutionise the way you administer medications.

A guided workflow enhances efficiency and promotes a smarter medication administration process.

This promotes improved compliance with policy and legislation.

The industry's most sophisticated medication management

Medicate Two provides safer medication administration by using real-time data.

Embedded prompts and alerts guide staff in best practice without causing alert fatigue.

Clear indicators guide staff through the most efficient workflow. 

Indicators also provide transparency throughout the medication management process.

The intuitive workflow provides an enhanced user experience as well as ensuring all information is captured and displayed to the user.

Medication reports enable staff to monitor the safe delivery of medications.


Medicate Two Pharmacy Integrations

For a seamless medication management experience, we integrate with pharmacy software systems:


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Promote Safety, Accuracy and Efficiency with key features:

  • Double signing functionality
  • Enhanced warnings and alerts
  • Tools to assist with pharmacy data management
  • Enhanced functionality of PRN management
  • NRMC compliant print profiles
  • Enhanced management tools for larger organisations
  • Integrations with pharmacy software programs including MPS, MTS, FRED, Webster as well as EPIC