Dashboard is a powerful management tool that facilitates real-time monitoring of events.

Dashboard can be configured to track changes in one facility or across your entire organisation.

Additionally, staff are able to track areas of specific interest or concern, including:

  • Reviewing overdue care plan re-evaluations
  • Missed medications
  • Incidents

Furthermore, managers can benchmark key data metrics for real-time business intelligence coupled with detailed analysis.

Managerial Oversight and Risk Mitigation

Care providers are able to plan responses to reoccurring events that may affect the delivery of care.

In addition, staff can plan preventative actions to mitigate risk to residents as well as the organisation.

Dashboard features include:

  • Preset as well as customisable indicators 
  • Immediate transparency across multiple wings/floors as well as multiple facilities
  • Real-time information at a glance
  • Tracking of clinical as well as business risks
  • Benchmarking against organisational goals
  • Identifying trends coupled with detailed trend analysis

Dashboard indicators

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