Connect is AutumnCare's core product, the engine behind AutumnCare's clinical management features. Through Connect every aspect of a resident's care is managed. Create progress notes, forms, assessments, care plans and appointments in a matter of minutes, with the click of a button.

Each resident's folder stores their complete care profile including all notes, forms, assessments, care plans and any attachments. This eliminates searching around numerous folders during care plan reviews, saving you time and frustration.

AutumnCare's user interface is a familiar Microsoft layout, making the user experience incredibly simple and familiar. Staff who have never used a computer in their work life before can find their way about in no time.

AutumnCare's Clinical Management system is designed to eliminate double entry of clinical data. Enter information once and it is automatically transferred to every other place this information appears. The system is uniquely person centred, every piece of information on a resident is located in the one place.

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