AutumnCare continues to operate offline in a server crash or during a loss of internet connection.

AutumnCare is the only clinical management system to offer full offline functionality.

This system feature offers complete security and business continuity. All data is stored locally during any disconnection period and synchronises to the server upon reconnection.

This protects you from data loss.

Continuity of Care

While disconnected staff can continue to access and enter clinical information relating to residents and their care needs.

This provides residents with continuity of care, even in the event of facility evacuations.

Continued access to records and the ability to document ongoing care is critical in care environments. 

Business Continuity in any Scenario

AutumnCare guarantees continuity throughout any technical outage, as well as in disaster situations such as extreme weather events.

Health records are available in the event that onward transfer becomes necessary.

AutumnCare’s continued performance means you don’t need to maintain a redundant paper backup for emergencies. 

Business continuity