Comprehensive reporting is available within AutumnCare to conduct simple and efficient audits. 

In addition, these easy reports assist staff with auditing requirements for inspections.

Since AutumnCare stores a full audit trail of all entries, you can recall and review data at any time.

Prepare for Inspections and Accreditation

  • Provide evidence for inspections with ease

Reinforce Quality Documentation

  • Audit the quality of care notes and ensure documentation is thorough and high quality

Review Communication Records

  • View creation dates for notes, assessments and care plans
  • Audit Messages, Tasks, Handover Notes and even messages sent to families

Medication Management

  • Review missed medications and missing signatures
  • Then, run reports on stock levels to re-order medication accurately

Visibility of Information

  • Lastly, the Dashboard makes auditing simple with indicators that display critical information e.g. care plans not evaluated in the last 30 days, or people who have not been weighed in the last month