AutumnCare now offers a Procura interface.

Using an interface to connect your business tools streamlines day to day operations.

This interface is designed for those using Procura for financial and enquiry management, and AutumnCare for clinical documentation.


Two Way Information Exchange

This is a two-way interface that eliminates the need for double entry of data. 

Procura is able to send demographic details to AutumnCare, while AutumnCare is able to send care-related information to Procura.

This greatly enhances the efficiency of documentation for care staff.


Interfacing between AutumnCare & ProcuraProcura Interface

Streamlined Enrolment Process

Send information on new residents from Procura to AutumnCare.

Continue to document the details of your initial enquiries in Procura. 

Once this person moves into a facility their details can be sent through to AutumnCare. 

Share any updates to demographic data when they occur.

Financial Management

ACFI data no longer needs to be manually re-entered into Procura.

Export ACFI information from AutumnCare for Medicare claims and budgeting.

Export leave events for bed day calculations.

Procura Interface Requirements

Clients must be using AutumnCare 4.6 or 4.6.1 to access the Procura interface.

AutumnCare 4.6.1 is our newest software release and is available now by contacting AutumnCare Support.

Find out more about our Procura interface.

Schedule your upgrade to AutumnCare 4.6.1.

Alternatively, you can speak directly to a member of our Support team by phoning 1800 422 472.