Have you been thinking about switching to a new clinical management system?

The process may not be as complicated as you think.

AutumnCare’s tried and tested change management process guarantees a smooth transition. 

We work with your team to make the move streamlined and stress-free.

Training Options

Training is integral to a successful implementation and we provide it in a variety of formats.

Train at your facility in classroom style sessions, join online training lessons or access interactive training tutorials.

Many clients choose a mix of these options to suit their needs and to ensure staff are able to complete training at their convenience. 

Staged Implementations

Large aged care providers need not feel daunted by implementing a new system across the entire organisation.

Large clients frequently opt to implement AutumnCare in stages.

The system is implemented one facility at a time over the duration of several months.

This makes resource allocation more manageable and makes the transition period easier for staff and Management.

Contact AutumnCare to find out more.

process for switching clinical systems