AutumnCare's Form of the Month for April is the Pain Assessment and Management Plan.

Pain Assessment - Form of the Month

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Continuum 2.0
One of our older document sets

  • Only one Pain Management Plan could be configured, with limited pain management options to select from
  • A maximum of six sites of pain could be documented within the form
  • The Pain Flow Chart was within the Pain Assessment Form
  • No space was available for a Summary Diagnosis or for the documentation of Allergies

Continuum 2.2
Our current document set

  • A Pain Management Plan can be configured for each site, with more pain management options added 
  • Added two more sites of pain to total eight sites available for documentation
  • Removed the Pain Flow Chart section and moved it to its own form
  • Addition of a Summary Diagnosis and Allergies section
  • Other minor rewordings and additions

Pain Assessment Continuum 2.0

Pain Assessment Sites Affected

Pain Assessment Continuum 2.2

Pain Assessment

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