Does AutumnCare interface with other systems?

Yes, AutumnCare currently interfaces with a number of pharmacy, financial and risk management systems including:

  • Webster
  • FRED
  • MPS
  • MTS
  • RiskMan
  • Epicor
  • Inerva
  • OneCare

Our pharmacy interfaces allow us to receive pharmacy data directly from the residents pharmacy system, ensuring all information comes from the source of truth.

In addition to the interfaces listed here we have a number of interfaces currently in development, including interfaces with additional financial and catering software systems.

If your organisation utilises a software system you do not see listed here, but you would like to see it interface with your clinical management system, please contact one of our consultants to find out whether we are able to build an interface for you. With our new interface engine, the development process is quicker than ever, allowing us to provide a quicker turnaround time to clients than ever before.


Does AutumnCare provide form customisation?

AutumnCare do provide a form customisation service, which is performed by our Clinical Operations team.

With their combined extensive experience working in nursing, aged care, and in quality assurance, they work to ensure any new form created for your organisation meets clinical standards and best practice. The team will discuss with you what information you need to get out of the form, and ensure the questions and answers involved will not introduce any element of accreditation or compliance risk. 

Custom forms can be created for individual clients, however if we recognise a trend or a forms need that is currently not being met amongst a majority of our clients, we can develop this form to be made available to our entire client base. It is in this way that AutumnCare provides its clients with a shared, collaborative learning experience as we all work towards achieving quality in care.


Is AutumnCare easy to use?

AutumnCare has been designed from its inception to be intuitive and quick to pick up, even for those who are unfamiliar with using a computer in their day to day work.

Even the least IT savvy, that have had limited interactions with computers in the past, are able to navigate around AutumnCare after a short training session. This is thanks to the intuitive design of the software. It is based on a Microsoft look and feel, which many people will have grown up with, so you are presented with a familiar on screen environment. 

AutumnCare is used at a number of facilities where staff do not speak English as a first language, and at facilities where staff had never used a computer at work before. 

For non English speaking staff, or those less computer savvy users, the snippets function allows for the entry of complete progress notes using only a few keywords. Snippets can be customised to include notes frequently recorded within your organisation.


Is AutumnCare scalable?

AutumnCare is an ideal partner for organisations with long term growth plans, as our capacity for scalability is unrivalled in the Australian market. 

Our software maintains optimal performance and full functionality even for our biggest clients whose bed numbers run into the thousands. Our Development team are constantly working away in the background on enhancements to our scalability capabilities to ensure we can continue to provide high performance clinical software as our clients grow and the industry becomes increasingly consolidated.

AutumnCare is also a perfect fit for small organisations and we have many clients that fit this category too. 


What happens if we lose network connection while using AutumnCare?

AutumnCare allows your organisation to manage risk by fully safeguarding all of your clinical data.

During a network outage, staff can still continue to enter information into AutumnCare, allowing them to continue work as usual without being disrupted. Most network outages are brief, particularly with many facilities being prone to WiFi black spots, however in the case of a disaster where disconnection may last several days, you can continue providing safe and quality care to your residents with full access to their care profile.   

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