AutumnCare's Dashboard is a single window displaying all of your critical clinical and organisational data, in real time. It allows managers to monitor any clinical risks or trends, as well as see at a glance the entire organisations performance.    

Track anything from number of missed meds, to care plans needing evaluation, to number of falls.  

  • Set indicators on what matters to you
  • Immediate transparency across multiple wings/facilities
  • Real time information at a glance
  • Track your clinical risks
  • Benchmarking against organisational goals
  • Identify and analyse trends     
Dashboard Indicators

The Dashboard allowed me, as a manager, to see from my desk everything that was occuring across the entire organisation. I could monitor any clinical risks we had, and keep on top of everything across the facility without running back and forth, allowing me to get on with other tasks.  

Irene Mooney, MYVISTA

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