Dashboard Analytics

AutumnCare's Dashboard Analytics tool allows clients to extract more detailed information
about their business performance than ever before.

Detailed business intelligence and insight

Dashboard Analytics allows you to export data from your Dashboard to be analysed alongside data from other business software systems used by your organisation.

Track and draw comparisons between data from each of your software systems. Cross reporting and benchmarking can be performed between Dashboard data and data from your risk management or financial systems.

Once data is extracted from AutumnCare using the Dashboard Analytics tool, it can be exported to any of your organisations business intelligence software programs.
However, big business intelligence programs are not a must! If your organisation does not use one these, data can be exported as a CSV file for Microsoft Excel charting and reporting. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Can export data in CSV format (business intelligence software programs are non essential)
  • Gain a birds eye view across all departments organisation-wide
  • Cross report Dashboard data with data from risk management or financial systems
  • Set benchmarks for different wings, facilities or location groups
  • Export data on groups or individual people depending on what you would like to track and report on
  • Near real time data is available for analysis, with exports performed on a nightly basis

Dashboard Data



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