AutumnCare's complete medication management system drastically reduces medication errors and risk. 

AutumnCare software treats your pharmacy as the single source of truth, ensuring all medication dispensed to the resident is the correct type, dosage and route, as it matches to the residents prescriptions. 


AutumnCare's Medication Management 

  • Reduces risk of medication errors
  • Integrates with your pharmacy system
  • Manages PRNs and medication incident tracking
  • Allows remote access for doctors to make medication changes 
  • Achieve safe, efficient med rounds 
  • Provides quick access for allied health 
  • Keeps a detailed medical history for each resident
  • Automatically record progress notes




The use of Medicate has streamlined the medication round, as there is no need to search through multiple signing sheets to locate the information. This has in turn improved staff time management ‘on the floor’ therefore improving resident outcomes.  

Lynn Asher, Meath Care

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