Self hosted VS Cloud hosted? 

AutumnCare software can be self hosted, or hosted via cloud.

Your choice will be dependant on your business needs and available resources. Regardless of how you choose to host AutumnCare, you can be confident you will always receive prompt assistance from our dedicated IT experts.  

 Self hosted

  • Hosted on your companies own server. 
  • The ideal option for organisations with their own IT department.
  • Requires the organisation to utilise their in house resources to monitor performance, perform software updates and maintenance.
  • Allows organisations to achieve their scalability goals by adding hardware and software as you go. 

Cloud hosted

  • AutumnCare will monitor system performance, perform software updates and maintenance. 
  • The ideal option for companies that do not have staff dedicated to maintaining their IT systems. 
  • Your data is encrypted and stored in a secure data centre, where we perform nightly database back ups and database maintenance. 
  • Smaller organisations are not limited by the hardware they have available.

Speak to a solutions advisor today for a more detailed look at our hardware and software specifications. 

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