Business Continuity

Never miss a beat with AutumnCare's offline functionality.

AutumnCare eliminates the risk of data loss, as well as potential down time, by remaining operational even when disconnected from the network. 

In paper based facilities, you run the risk of all of your clinical records being destroyed in the event that your facility is damaged. 

Other clinical management systems are browser based and rely on a constant network connection, putting you at risk of not being able to record critical clinical data or accurately dispense medication in the case of an outage. These outages can range from the more serious, in the case of a disaster, or temporary loss of connection, many facilities are prone to WiFi black spots. In either case, not only are you running a clinical risk but wasting valuable staff time and resources during the down time. 

AutumnCare is able to complete your organisational risk mitigation strategy by safeguarding your clinical data.


AutumnCare provides complete business continuity

  • AutumnCare still operates offline. Staff can continue entering clinical information as normal without a connection.
  • Continue to access clinical information to provide care and prevent any risk to the wellbeing of residents.
  • Data can be restored from AutumnCare back ups. 

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