New Medication Management Tools 

Phone orders, inventory management and variable doses are all available for the very first time in AutumnCare 4.6.1.

With these new additions, Medicate now provides greater flexibility whilst maintaining stringent safety and control processes. 

medication new doses

medication inventory management

Phone Orders

Add phone orders to resident profiles for 24-hour time blocks.

These must be renewed at the end of 24-hours in order to continue administration.

Phone orders must be double signed by two authorised staff at the organisation. 

This eliminates the need to keep paper records to document the administration of a prescription not yet administered. 

Ideal over long weekends where pharmacy access is unavailable.


Inventory Management

Inventory Management allows you to view all medication quantities on hand at any point in time.

The tool also provides a one-stop shop for ordering new medications and 'checking in' new medications when they arrive.

This provides an accurate overview of stock on hand as well as a more efficient way of managing stock.

Medication can be 'checked out' when a resident goes to the hospital or on social leave.

Variable Doses

Medicate now manages the input of variable dose medications.

Input BGL or INR readings.

This reading will display in the medication round alongside instructions for administration. 

This replaces the need to record readings as a Critical Med Note making administration safer as well as being more efficient.

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Upgrades Enhance Your Business Operations

The quality of AutumnCare software improves with each new version that is released.

Each new release also introduces new features to make documentation easier and more efficient for care staff.

Ensuring your organisation is using the latest AutumnCare software is crucial to maximising the benefits of a clinical management system. 

We'll be posting articles on other new features as well as performance optimisations in the coming weeks!

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