A new look for WebConnect in AutumnCare 4.6. 

In addition to optimising our clinical management system, we have also focused on revamping WebConnect.

WebConnect provides a subset of AutumnCare’s functionality and is accessible via any web browser.

The new look provides a more streamlined user experience, making it ideal for quick data entry on the go.

Our new layout is function based rather than person based. This change is based on client feedback and accurately reflects carer workflow. 


Simple Layout & Controls

Navigation is the biggest strength of the new look WebConnect.

Navigate instantly to your next task from any screen using the control panel.

WebConnect New Look

Jot down notes on the go!

Easy access to key features including Messages, Case Notes, Charting, Reviewing Care Plan items and setting Tasks.


WebConnect Is Ideal For:

  • Management sending messages and setting tasks for multiple staff members or staff groups  
  • Carers documenting on multiple residents consecutively 
  • GPs accessing resident records and making medication change requests remotely
  • Staff working at multiple facilities or locations across the organisation 



Start using the new WebConnect

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