Medicate Two – Make the switch for smarter medication administration today.

Medicate Two delivers medication management that is faster, safer and more efficient.

Medicate Two

New and enhanced medication management has arrived to revolutionise the way you administer medications.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Medicate Two.

Building upon the industry leading medication administration product, Medicate, Medicate Two has successfully completed beta testing.

The industry’s most sophisticated medication management software

Medicate Two provides safer medication administration by using real time data, making it the most advanced EMMS available within the market.

The new product introduces a range of performance enhancements and optimisations to provide a superior, more intuitive user experience.

Clear indicators guide staff through the most efficient workflow and ensure all information is captured and displayed to the user.

As well as safer medication administration, Medicate Two also features:

  • Double signing functionality
  • Enhanced warnings and alerts
  • Tools to assist with pharmacy data management
  • Enhanced functionality of PRN management
  • NRMC compliant print profiles
  • Enhanced management tools for larger organisations
  • Quick and easy reporting templates
  • More time windows for time specific medications
  • Enhanced patch management
  • A guided workflow
  • Automatic inclusion of relevant medication information in resident’s notes
  • A global view of medication management via Dashboard indicators

Medicate Two integrates seamlessly with AutumnCare Connect.

Compliance with current medication standards is built-in and enforced through decision support functionality.


“It’s great to have Medicate as it has helped us to review residents medications in a quicker way, particularly with the reports that we can run on PRN medications”.

Farhath Jameel at Swancare.


Contact one of AutumnCare’s Solutions Advisors today for more information on Medicate Two. 

For existing Medicate clients, your upgrade to Medicate Two can be scheduled now via AutumnCare’s Support team. Experience enhanced medication management today.