AutumnCare 4.6.1 Optimisations for Large Care Providers

Newly released AutumnCare 4.6.1 contains performance optimisations that cater specifically to large care providers.

Our large clients store significant amounts of data in AutumnCare.

To ensure they still experience optimal system performance we have developed a new data management solution as well as further optimised load times.

These improvements will enhance the user experience for even the largest of organisations using AutumnCare.

Load Times

Significantly reduce your load times using AutumnCare 4.6.1.

AutumnCare is committed to performing ongoing load testing. 

This ensures that the AutumnCare system continues to deliver optimal performance even when used by our largest clients. 

Not only does 4.6.1 mean quicker login times, but searching using the Admin Tool will now be much faster.

large client tools

Data Preservation Tool

Relocate data to a secondary database with the Data Preservation Tool. 

Files that no longer need to be accessed regularly can be safely stored externally to the AutumnCare system. 

Declutter Your Workspace

The files of thousands of Deceased and Discharged residents, as well as Terminated staff, are stored on many client systems.

In some cases, inactive profiles account for 50% of database data.

Moving unused data into storage frees up space on your live database. 

This decreases database load, which will improve the performance of your live database.

Data Recall

It will still be possible to report on data that has been preserved.

The Data Preservation Tool comes equipped with SSRS reports that enable reporting on preserved data.


Upgrade Now 

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Upgrades Enhance Your Business Operations

AutumnCare software quality improves with each new release.

Each release introduces new features to make documentation easier as well as more efficient for care staff.

Ensuring your organisation is using the latest AutumnCare software is crucial to maximising the benefits of a clinical management system. 

Find out more about our new Modules as well as our new Procura Interface!