AutumnCare's Form of the Month for July is the Resident Incident Form.

The Form of the Month segment provides us with the opportunity to share form improvements with our clients. 

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The Resident Incident Form has been updated in line with best practice as well as emerging information on the new
Draft Aged Care Quality Standards.

The form has been restructured to facilitate both initial and high-level investigations and review.

The new form better enables corrective action, feedback and shared learnings to key stakeholders. 

Continuum 2.0



Continuum 2.2

Pressure Injuries

Additional information can now be documented about pressure injury incidents. 

Unwitnessed events, choking and sudden or unexpected clinical deterioration incident types have been added. 

Referral Options

The Review section has been renamed to more accurately read Referral.

Additional referral options have also been added.

Management Reviews

A section has been added for Management to perform a review of the incident.

The 'Actions Taken' questions have been restructured to be more explicit.

'Open disclosure' actions have been added.

Brand new sections - available in Continuum 2.2 only

Initial investigation, investigation details and Corrective action have all been added to the Resident Incident Form.

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