A while back we posted about the new IDDSI framework, including global terminology designed to work for everybody. 

We have now implemented this global terminology into our AutumnCare forms and AutumnCare system, ready for clients to access. 

IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) have developed an international standardised framework for people with dysphagia who require texture modified food and thickened fluids.

New modified food and fluid terminology as developed by IDDSI is coming into effect in Australia on 1 May 2019.


IDDSI Terminology Available to AutumnCare Customers

AutumnCare has developed an upgrade for AutumnCare customers. 

This upgrade will update your systems terminology to the new IDDSI terminology.

Customers are encouraged to review their consumers as soon as practicable after applying the upgrade, as both the Summary Care Plan and Nutrition and Hydration Care Plan will need to be updated. 

AutumnCare customers, please contact our Support team to arrange your update.

Read more about the international standardised framework:



There has been an update to IDDSI category 7 – read about it here.

IDDSI Terminology

New terminology as it appears in AutumnCare system versions