COVID-19 monitoring tools available now to AutumnCare customers 

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COVID-19 Observation Monitoring Chart

This is a global chart that can be completed daily for each consumer. 

Information entered into the global chart will populate each individual consumer’s personal chart.


Staff will be able to record against the six most common symptoms of COVID-19.

These are fever, dry or wet cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fatigue and headache. 

Names of visitors to the consumer can also be documented. 


The Outbreak Management Team can use this form to identify changes in the clinical status of their consumers.

This will allow them to act quickly and in accordance with government guidelines. 


COVID-19 Staff Monitoring Chart 

Staff Monitoring is another global chart to be completed before staff commence their shift. 


This allows for recording against the most common symptoms of COVID-19.

The Outbreak Management Team can use this form to identify changes in the clinical status of staff.


Transfer Advice Form 

A Transfer Advice Form has been created to handle hospital transfers occurring during COVID-19.


This form will allow you to advise hospital staff that:

  • The consumer is coming from a facility that has a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 outbreak 
  • The consumer has an infection and the status of that infection


Infection Notification Form 

COVID-19 details will be added to your Infection Notification Form once this update is in place.

This is assuming the customer is using AutumnCare Forms 2019, the latest version of our form set. 


This update will also enable customers to use AI to prompt staff to implement transmission based precautions.


These changes have been made sourcing the Australian Government Department of Health.


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