Prepare for accreditation with an AutumnCare Health Check. 

Our Clinical Operations team provide this service to help care providers prior to accreditation.

The service acts as a gap analysis for your care records and documentation.

What’s covered in an AutumnCare Health Check?

Our Clinical team can review your:

  • Assessments
  • Care Plans
  • Charts 
  • Handover
  • Progress Notes 
  • Incident Management
  • Reporting

as well as any additional areas at your request.

We fully customise this service and will adjust it to suit your company needs.

What’s delivered at the end of a Health Check?

At the end of our service, our Clinical team provide a detailed report of our findings for your review.

This will identify any gaps or areas we recommend are addressed prior to accreditation. 

Additional Health Check Services

We also offer Technical Health Checks performed by our Technical Operations team.

Post-implementation or following a system upgrade is the ideal time to schedule this service.

We review system performance, as well as your system administration settings. 


Contact AutumnCare today for more information about our Health Checks.

Health Check