Ransomware attacks on the healthcare industry appear to be on the rise, following warnings issued by CERT NZ. 

This comes just a few short months after the same ransomware attacked several Australian Aged Care providers. 

Ryuk ransomware is responsible for the most recent spate of attacks, whilst Maze was behind those earlier this year.

Ryuk was also responsible for shutting down IT services in Victorian hospitals in late 2019. 


Remaining vigilant

With attacks on the rise, and the health and aged care industries becoming increasingly common targets, cyber security should be a part of every organisation’s disaster recovery planning.

Frequently refreshing staff on cyber security, even though some of it may seem obvious, is also important.


Top cyber security tips everyone can use:

  • Enforce frequent password changes on all organisational devices, as well as any personal devices staff are using to access company information
  • Keep on top of software updates and ensure you install any recommended updates by Microsoft
  • Do not connect your device to any unsecure connections e.g. public Wi-Fi
  • Back up your data in a secondary location
  • Don’t open attachments or links from unknown senders

How does AutumnCare keep customer data safe? 

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