In our new segment Form of the Month we will be shining the spotlight on form improvements. 

Form of the Month

We continually update our forms based on real-life clinical feedback from clients, as well as industry and regulatory changes.

As such, clients are sometimes unaware new versions of their favourite forms exist.

We will be showing you side by side comparisons of an older form and that same form from our latest Continuum version. 

The February Form of the Month is Restraint Assessment and Authorisation

Restraint Assessment

Continuum 2.0.1
The Continuum 2.0.1 version of the form only allowed for one restraint entry. 

There was no box to record other information about the restraint.

The forms authorisation and review section is in the form of a grid.

Signatures are initialed only. 

New Continuum 2.2
The new and improved Continuum 2.2 version of the form allows for 8 restraint entries, and more information about the restraints.

The forms authorisation and review section allows for user-entered signatures.

The person offering medical recommendation and the resident/relative can now sign. 

Restraint Authorisation

Restraint Authorisation New

The current AutumnCare document set is Continuum 2.2

If you are running an older document set, make to schedule in your upgrade!

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