Ongoing staff education from a convenient, accessible platform

The AutumnCare Learning Management System (LMS) provides quick, easy access to AutumnCare training materials.

This allows care staff to regularly refresh their knowledge of the system and continue their education with each new release of AutumnCare.

The ability to access tutorials at your own pace makes this ideal for beginners and experienced users alike.


The LMS in a unique platform, from which customers are able to:

  • Access training materials online, from any web-connected device
  • Track staff progress towards course completion using a Trainers account
  • Watch webinars, view tips and tricks and other learning content

The LMS eliminates the need to download and unzip training files from the AutumnCare Support site.

This facilitates training sessions that occur seamlessly and without hassle. 


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LMS access is automatically included with a Foundations/eLearning licence. 

Contact us to set up your account or to find out more.